Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Arrival of The Yes Book

It’s official: The Yes Book is out!

I wrote about The Yes Book in the blog post titled “The Other Writer in the House.” Both my wife, Erinn Magee, and I have articles in this collection.  Our contributions are titled “My Marcela” and “Say Yes: Balboa Academy 2014 Graduation Speech.” 

The Yes Book represents Exult Road’s first publishing venture. Erinn and I are grateful to Jill Cooper for giving us the opportunity to express our thoughts on the importance of affirmation in our lives.

The initial reviews have been fabulous. Every one of them states that The Yes Book is a fabulous, compelling, and uplifting read. 

Please support the birth of a bold new publishing company by purchasing The Yes Book directly from Exult Road, or Amazon. It will make a terrific Christmas gift.

(First photograph courtesy of Jill Cooper)


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