Friday, November 7, 2014

Nicaragua 2014 Book Tour—The Farewell in León

On Tuesday, November 4, we drove from Granada to León for the final stop of the Nicaragua Book Tour.
After a long car ride, Kenneth Morris—author of Unfinished Revolution, a biography of Daniel Ortega—and I were thrilled to have arrived at our destination: Búho Books.

Of course, I’m always delighted to see Marthe Kalleklev, owner of Búho Books. She, together with Troy Fuss of Lucha Libro Books, made this tour a magical experience for my fellow authors and me.

Since we had a couple of hours to spare before our presentation, I walked to the Cathedral. While there, I got to take photographs of—and from—the rooftop, something I had long wanted to do.

It was then time for the concluding presentation of the Nicaragua 2014 Book Tour. Marthe, Troy, and I were confident beforehand that the show would turn out well.

I, as usual, enjoyed my time before the microphone.

The audience—of which this photograph presents only a partial view—was highly engaged throughout the presentations. The question and answer period went on for well over an hour. The exchanges were both insightful and entertaining.

Afterward, we spent the night in the lovely hostel Calle de los Poetas that Marthe and her husband, Rigo, own.

The morning of Wednesday, November 5, we headed for the airport. I can never thank Troy Fuss enough for the countless hours he put into organizing the tour. I hope the event lived up to his expectations. 

If you are a reader who resides in Nicaragua, please support bookstores like Lucha Libro Books and Búho Books who seek to serve Nicaragua’s English-speaking population.

For me, the tour concluded on a wonderful note—for the first time ever I saw one of my novels, Bernardo and the Virgin, on sale at an airport.

I’m taking the sighting as an omen of good things to come.

Hasta pronto, Nicaragua.

(Several photographs are courtesy of Marthe Kalleklev and Troy Fuss)


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