Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nicaragua 2014 Book Tour—Granada with Ninth Graders

The morning of Monday, November 3—Panamanian Independence Day!—the 9th grade class of the American-Nicaraguan School traveled to Granada. The purpose of their visit was to take a historical tour of the city, collect water samples for analysis from Lake Nicaragua, and spend some time with a Nicaraguan-American writer.

We met in the Plaza, where I had the chance to greet Lisa Lippay—the 9th grade English teacher who has been wonderfully supportive of my writing efforts—and Jeffrey Davis, the High School Principal.

After a brief chat, I got to play Pied Piper, leading the students to the Palacio de la Cultura, where we would exchange ideas. On the walk there, Alex, the Student Coordinator of the event, kept me company.

I loved that this audience could relate fully to the stories I’ve written. We share an appreciation for Nicaragua’s culture, history, and people.

After the question and answer period, we visited Lucha Libro Books, sponsor of the book tour. Outside of the bookstore, I got to be the celebrity of the moment, posing for selfies with the students.

After getting to know Lucha Libros Books, we crossed the street to have lunch at The Garden Café. While there, I visited every table to harass the students. They asked me to move back to Nicaragua so I could teach at their school. Regretfully, I had to tell them that I was committed to Panama, for there I have 9th graders of my own to torment.

After lunch, the students and their teachers walked to the lake to collect water samples. Before saying farewell, I had the chance to pose for one last photograph with Mr. Davis and Ms. Lippay. I love knowing that I have a strong base of support at the American-Nicaraguan School. I look forward to returning next year to meet a new batch of 9th graders.

(All photographs courtesy of Lisa Lippay)


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