Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Season of Stories: A Reader's Opinion

The Season of Stories relaxing on the beaches of Otranto, Italy.

Writers love hearing from readers, especially ones like my friend Troy Fuss. He reads voraciously and he knows books. In fact, he owns Lucha Libro Books in Granada, Nicaragua. As a result, his opinion means the world to me.

Dearest Silvio,

I loved your new book! Loved, loved, loved it! I was so invested by the end that I found myself a bit weepy throughout the last chapter (though I don’t think I’ll admit that to anyone but you). I was surprised to find out that you’d never met the author. (I couldn’t believe you let the answering machine get in the way!) or Wally Moon. I wasn’t sure how the stories were going to come together and you did it masterfully. There was so much to love in both stories. You should be very proud.

Congratulations on a fine work!


PS: All hail Vin Scully! I have listened to every Vin-called game I can the past couple of years, knowing we’ll never be able to enjoy someone so amazing again. Losing his broadcasts is devastating to the many who love him, but we’re lucky to have had him for so long. Many of us have never known a world without him!


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