Friday, September 12, 2014

Looking Forward to Christmas

Yesterday, Erinn and I purchased the plane tickets to travel to North Carolina and California over the Christmas break. This trip has become a yearly ritual. In addition to being a time for relaxation, it’s an important time to honor family ties.

Traveling to the United States in December is also a nice respite from the heat, at least for me. Although I love living in the tropics, I enjoy cooler weather. I admit that the winters are mild in the states we visit, but the chilled air provides a delightful break from the balminess of Panama.

What I love about visiting Erinn’s parents in Nashville, North Carolina, is that I get to take long, solitary walks along tree-lined streets and railroad tracks. The stillness provides the perfect background to think about writing projects.

What’s more, my mini-me lives with my nieces in North Carolina. He tells me that they take fabulous care of him. During my visits we get to catch up with one another. Although we usually end up having fierce arguments about the craft of writing, our bond is unbreakable.

After a week or so in North Carolina, we say farewell to Erinn’s family and fly across the continent to visit my mom and sisters in Fresno, California.

A tradition that has developed the last few years is for my siblings, their spouses, and Erinn and I to drive to the gorgeous mountain and ocean vistas that are near Central California. 

I must admit that my birth state can be absolutely breathtaking.

What makes my California visits particularly rewarding is the opportunity to enjoy Cal-Mex food. I grew up with this cuisine and miss it tremendously while living in Central America.

I realize it’s only September and that there’s still a bit of life ahead before the arrival of Christmas, but I’m already excited about the fun and vast outpouring of love that await us, once again, this holiday season.


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